Zero Dropout

  • Published On: June 6, 2024

    In the "Stories Along the Way: Steps Forward" workshop hosted by the Equitable Education Fund

  • Published On: June 6, 2024

    At the heart of addressing educational disparities lies a compelling truth: investing in education is

  • Published On: May 13, 2024

    From a modest inception, the Zero Dropout initiative — initiated by the Equitable Education Fund

  • Published On: April 11, 2024

    Over the past two years, the relentless grip of the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated educational

  • Published On: February 25, 2024

    In 2023, the number of economically disadvantaged students drastically skyrocketed to 1.8 million, with 1.2

  • Published On: February 15, 2024

    Revisiting the initial signs heralding the educational divide, 2021 data exposed a concerning reality: 30%-35%

  • Published On: February 5, 2024

    Thailand grapples with persistent educational disparities affecting 1.9 million vulnerable students, particularly in early childhood