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4 Main Proposals

To Solve Children and Youth
Who Dropout  of Thailand School System


Searching children and youth who dropout of education system by merging and connecting data from diverse departments.


To lead in searching children and youth who are not within the education system.


Following up , providing support, assistance, and care to children and youth who are not enrolled in the education system by coordinating efforts across different departments.


To ensure that each child and youth receives suitable assistance in all areas, including education, health, development, living conditions, and social circumstances.


Offering adaptable and high-quality education and learning tailored to the individual potential of every child and youth.


To enable every child and young person to reach their maximum potential by giving them the proper education.


Promote participation of private sector entrepreneurs in helping manage study or learn


To encourage entrepreneurs to participate in organizing education or learning alongside work (Learn to Earn) for children and youth aged 15-18 years to develop work skills that are consistent with the labor market. Children’s potential and provide additional income during study.

Srettha Thavisin

The Prime Minister of Thailand Emphasis
on Thailand  Zero Dropout

In 2024, Srettha Thavisin —The Prime Minister unveiled a new initiative aimed at achieving “Thailand Zero Dropout,” ensuring that all children and youth are included in the education system.

The government is dedicated to making sure that no child is excluded from the educational system. Our goal is to achieve Zero Dropout in order to address educational inequality. Create a flexible learning environment that emphasises life and job skills to fulfil demands. The school system will reintegrate any individual who has left it.

The number of children aged 3 to 18 in Thailand, spanning from Kindergarten 1 (K1) to Secondary 6 (S6), who drop out of the education system, is 1.02 million people.

aged 3 to 18

1.02 million people.

The Process of Locating and Assisting
Children Who Dropout of Education System

The Process of Locating and Assisting Children Who Dropout of Education System

Coordinate with 10 MOU Partners Department To Collect Database of Children’s Information Dropping Out Of Education System (3-18 Years Old)

Searching Children and Youth in Each Province

Prepare Children and Youth Then Bring them into the Education System

Collaboration Together With

Office of the Prime Minister

Ministry of Education

Department of Provincial Administration

Ministry of Social Development and Human Security

Ministry of Public Health

Ministry of Labour

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

Ministry of Justice

Thailand Researcher Professional Qualification

National Health Security Office

Equitable Education Fund

Thailand Zero Dropout Roadmap 2025

Thailand Zero Dropout Roadmap
To Solve the Problem of Children and Youth Who Drop Out of School System

Thailand Zero
Dropout project

emerges as a beacon of hope for Thailand’s vulnerable students.

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